Unique Educational Tours in Italy

Unique Educational Tours in Italy

From a geographical point of view Italy has a lot to offer. For example, we can include in your geography tour to Italy an expedition to Stromboli, a volcano that is still active together with a specialized Magma Trek guide. Also, Mount Etna on Sicily is worth exploring for its volcanic landscape.

For Italian car and motorbike enthusiasts the area around Bologna, the so-called Italian Motor Valley is great for visiting their factories and museums. While visiting the Ferrari Museum in Maranello we can offer a real Pit Stop Challenge, as part of your Ferrari Red Campus Workshop. We also recommend the Ducati Factory where they offer great packages for student groups that want to explore the world of engineering. Also, other Italian car brands lift the veil of their successes during a guided visit of the Assembly Line, such as Pagani and Lamborghini.

Stroboli volcano
Museo Ferrari

Where in any other country other than Italy can you find the great history of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance? Right in the capital there are some not to be missed excursions that we can include in your historical tour. Following your guide you can explore Ancient Rome including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hills and the Circus Maximus. Another must see in Rome is the Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. Not only in the Eternal City but all-around Italy we are able to offer some great Historical & Art Tours and send you a tailor-made offer.

Are you looking for inspiration and assistance for a group tour for your fashion students? In the Milan Fashion District, we can offer revealing guided tours to show what Made in Italy really is. And while you are there, why not visit the Silk Museum in Como? We propose including both the Ferragamo and the Gucci Museum together located in Florence for a complete Fashion experience.

Contact us if you want to organize a Unique Educational Tour in Italy for Students. We will put all our professionalism and experiences at your disposal.
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