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September in Italy is Vendemmia Time!

Ah, September in Italy! The temps are more comfortable, the summer crowds have dissipated, and now it is time for the vendemmia, or harvest! Not just any harvest, the grape harvest! When driving past vineyards during this month, you can almost taste the final product, the pungent, musty smell of ripened grapes permeate the air. This harvest takes precedent over more mundane matters such as politics and soccer matches.

Grape picking is an arduous, meticulous task. Manned with scissors, a basket, sun hat and plenty of sun screen, the farmers and their families meander from vine to vine, carefully cutting each cluster of grapes and placing them in the basket. Once full, the baskets are carried to the tractor’s cargo hold. More modern large scale wineries use grape harvesting machines, however most small vineyards still take the time to hand pick their grapples.

After spending time gathering the grapes, most farmers prepare a massive lunch banquet, many are al fresco under the trees, with antipasti, pasta dishes, roasted meats, vegetable side dishes, fruit, dolce and of course accompanied with plenty of wine!

If you are dreaming about experiencing first hand in a vendemmia, Italian Tours can arrange this for you in different parts of the peninsula, please contact us for details!