The large Hertfordshire’s ‘Classical Chorus’ on tour in Italy

The large Hertfordshire’s ‘Classical Chorus’ on tour in Italy

Classical Chorus is a large and amazing choir from Hertfordshire composed of about 170 people, adults of all ages, linked by the love of singing together. They sing for fun but they also do charity concerts in beautiful venues, informal outdoor events, European tours and theatre trips. The Choir is conducted by Abigail Harris, a professional musician, singing teacher, classical soprano, pianist and a super energetic and smiling person.

What was the clients desire?

Classical Chorus had a plan to come to Italy, they wanted to do a concert in San Mark’s Cathedral in Venice and other three concerts in beautiful venues. Furthermore they needed accommodation, meals, transfers and all the services for more or less 170 persons. As soon as they contacted our partner in UK we have been immediately involved in this exciting challenge.

The tailor-made offer

We managed to find good options in quite a short time and invited the Choir Director on an inspection trip to Verona and Lake Garda to be able to see in person the solutions offered as regards accommodation and concert venues.

We offered a good 4 star hotel with restaurant, Spa and swimming pool in the surrounding of Verona where the whole group could stay, dine, rehearse and also have the chance to enjoy the sun in the garden or take a refreshing bath in the pool.

As regards concerts we managed to confirm them the possibility to sing during the Mass in St Mark’s Cathedral in Venice and we could show them wonderful venues at Lake Garda and in Verona.

Our proposals met their expectations, so with great pleasure we could start working at the program and take care of all the details of the tour.

At the end of July Classical Chorus arrived. We were all excited, we had worked hard on all the aspects and on every detail of the program and I must admit that the group arrival was quite impressive; seeing those four coaches moving around with the 174 choristers was a great feeling. Fortunately everything went smoothly on arrival as well as throughout the entire tour.

The Choir had the four concerts, one at St Mark’s Cathedral, one in Verona Cathedral, one in the beautiful square called Piazza dei Signori in Verona and one at Lake Garda, on the lakefront of Lazise.

The concerts were amazing. More than 170 voices singing all together classical pieces and well-known themes made a very strong impact on the audience, it was really touching.

The Choir itself was impressed by the spectacular scenery of the concerts, the audience was enchanted and took a lot of pictures and videos.

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The Customer satisfaction is our motivation

On the last night we held a Farewell Party for the group by the hotel pool. That was the occasion to celebrate the success of the tour before leaving Italy the next day. Classical Chorus gave us so many good feelings that all our hard work in the “backstage” has been greatly rewarded.

That’s why we love our job and could do nothing else than this.

If you want to organize a music tour in Italy. We will put all our professionalism and experiences at your disposal.

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