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5 reason to plan sports to Italy

Over the years, Italy has been one of the most popular countries in the whole world when it comes to sports. The most common sport in Italy is football. Italy has won the Football world cup 4 times which makes it the second most successful team in world football. Football and sports, in general, are within the culture of Italians.

Many sports fans and football associations across the globe love visiting Italy because it is known to be a country that loves sports. But besides this, there are several other reasons why any sports association that is planning a sports trip should consider Italy as one of their ideal destinations. In this article, I am going to share with you why sports associations should consider Italy as their next destination for any sports-related trip. Let’s dig in.

sports to Italy

1. Great sports culture

Italy is one of the countries that values sports not only as a form of leisure activity but also as an economic activity that earns many Italians a living. Football may be the most popular sporting activity in the country, but other sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, hockey, and Handball are also actively played in the country.

So, when your sports association gets to Italy, they will have a 360o experience because of the many sporting activities that take place in this country. As your planning your trip, it would be ideal to travel when there is a sporting event that falls in the category of your sports association.

2. Your sports team will be inspired while in Italy.

If you want to inspire your sports team, there is no better way to do it than visiting a country like Italy that has a lot of history in several sports. One of the ways you can have your team inspired is by taking them to some of the historical sports sites in Italy where they can learn about the history of some of the sporting games in Italy. Through such visits, your sports team will gather a lot of knowledge about how the game has been slowly growing in Italy.

3. Prestige friendly match opportunities

sports to ItalyIn some cases, your team may also get a chance of playing a friendly match against some of the best sporting teams in the country. If you want to have such friendly matches, the best time to visit the country is when the competitive sporting events are in a break which is normally during summer. If you plan early enough and you contact the team you want to play against, you may be given the opportunity for a friendly match that would be a big inspiration for the game.

4. Cultural exchange

By visiting Italy, your team will be able to not only learn about the sporting culture in Italy but also adopt some of the sports cultural practices in the country. Adopting Italian sports cultural practices can be a game-changer to the future of your sporting team. If you want your team to adopt some of Italy’s sports cultural practices, you need to have them visit the historical sites of Italy or actively participate in some friendly sports tournaments in the country.

5. Lots of other fun activities besides sports

sports to ItalyBeing a sporting association doesn’t mean you only focus on 100% sports activities. Your team will need some relaxation activities to free up their minds. Some of the fun activities in Italy include; visiting the various cities in Italy, boat cruising, mountain climbing, taking cooking lessons for the different Italian foods, and many other activities. You can choose any of these activities based on the city you visit and what your team loves to engage in.

Final thoughts

Having your sports association visit Italy is the decision you will never regret because Italy is a country that values sports. However, for your team to get the best experience, you need to have the trip during the right season. The right season depends on your objective for the trip. For instance, if you want your team to learn about the history of sports in Italy and also watch a couple of sports activities, the ideal time would be when the sporting seasons are ongoing.

However, if your objective for the visit is to have a friendly match with one of the teams in Italy, the best time to visit would be during summer when most of the competitive sporting events are on a break. But all in all, Italy is a great country for sports-related trips.

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