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I went on Accutane the beginning of my freshman year of college. It cleared everything up but I experienced extremely dry skin/eyes and became really prone to infections and had extreme joint/back pain. After I finished my sixth month cycle it stayed away for a month and then I experienced a rare side effect called folliculitis (basically a painful yeast infection all over your face). I went back on Accutane and it cleared everything up. Went off it and my folliculitis is back. I now also have a ton of intestinal problems/ IBS. I am supposed to go back on it again to get rid of the folliculitis, etc. I have been on and off it multiple times for the past four years. I would take my acne back any day over having folliculitis/stomach problems.

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I'm 27 and have had cystic acne since age 11. I took Accutane my soph. year of college and it worked pretty much instantly with good results and no side effects (maybe dry lips but I barely remember that). The acne came back though about 2 years later, and I took a second cycle. About 4-5 years later (now) it has come back slowly and I am considering a 3rd round. I've used Proactiv for over a year, and that was working, but has seemed to stop working and severely dry out my skin. I'm nervous about the side effects with a third round, but the first 2 cycles I had no issues- so I'm hoping this round will last longer!

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